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Penny And Lucy Lou Art

years of creativity



Custom Digital Artwork Printed + Produced for Outdoors, Indoors, and Beyond.
Made in the United States | Dreamed, Created, and Manufactured in the Carolinas.


White flower 
Spider lily
endangered flower
south carolina
printed on poly-vinyl
printed on plastic
large format art printed
mounted with standoff
hung with barrels
installed senior living art
still life photography
Penny McPeak
Penny & Lucy Lou Art
10 years in business
Partner Pam McPeak, ASID
Owner Southern Places, Inc.
Penny & Lucy Lou Art division of Southern Places, Inc. an Interior Design firm
Art on substrate
Art on Tube
Peony Flowers
We must create change to our environment to transform how we see the world.
We are a client-centered design company constructing your space with multi-functional ways to live, work, and play conveying your unique environment, vision, and brand.
licensed artists
custom art
custom size art
old cameras
edited art
edited photographs
custom photoshoots
custom photo shoots
photography of art
reproduction of art
Penny & Lucy Lou
Penny McPeak
Pam McPeak
Hudson Thomas
C Lutfy
Harvey and McLean
Jeff Reid
Elizabeth Ellis
Nicholas Leitner
abstract printed art
colorful vibrant oil painting
palette knife art
license artist
hudson thomas
macro photography
custom printed art
custom size art
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