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Start with the art

Penny & Lucy Lou Art is a division of Southern Places, Inc. an interior design firm that was incorporated
in 1986 by Pam McPeak, ASID. In 2013, Pam and Penny McPeak launched Penny & Lucy Lou Art as the Signature Art Collection of Southern Places: to the Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Senior Living, 
and Hospitality industries. Since then, the art line has been a part of projects across the US and World.

We must create change to our environment to transform how we see the world.

We are a client-centered design company constructing your space with multi-functional ways to live, work, and play conveying your unique environment, vision, and brand.

|| Our Guiding Principals ||

| Collaboration | 

We practice the need for calm conversations allowing for peace to grow through joint abilities to build better solutions and excellence.

| Integrity | 

We commit to the worth and value of a person, accountability, and value honesty as well as being forthright through our actions in assisting and advising our clients.

| Service | 

We are committed to listening, assisting, advising while respecting our clients with best solutions satisfying their needs.

| Innovative | 

We grow through creativity, imagination, and problem solving which advances our products and services allowing for improvements and making a change in the world.

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