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Residences at Richmond Trust
Richmond, VA

We’re so happy to announce our newest installation: our first multi-family project in Virginia is in the Residences at Richmond Trust.

Interior Designer Holly Sprowl of Urban Comfort Design wanted us to create this historic map of #richmondva #rva on wallcovering. Holly found this historic map from The Library of Congress (it’s a part of public domain with it being over 100 years old), and we were able to enlarge it to fit within the sheetrock space available above the Richmond Trust offices and elevators.
All the wallcovering is type II vinyl printed with UV cured inks.

The art installed around the common areas and hallways consists of photography taken by Penny and Holly. The photos were edited to customize the color and texture Holly desired to coordinate with her design. 

This is how #westartwiththeart and how #wedefinecustom

Cortland Cary
Cary, NC

This multi-family property in Cary ties the old in with the new -- tying together the farm community Cary was built on. 
All art created for the public space areas were done during a custom photoshoot for the project.
Each image was edited to have the appearance of old sepia tone photos.
The art creates a seamless tie in with the colors, textures, and tones of the interior spaces in this new build. 

Post Parkside at Wade
Raleigh, NC

West of downtown Raleigh, this multi-family community underwent renovations to the public spaces including the gym where we created art that showcases the sites and historic touches in Raleigh-proper. 
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