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The Peacocks that Roamed | Various Substrate Art | Our Designers Make Us Look Good

This is the Penny & Lucy Lou Art eBlast series that showcases our clients (the Interior Designers) that are hard at work making sure our art fits in the space and is appealing to their client(s). Enjoy and share in our excitement by walking in our shoes viewing the newest installation of Penny & Lucy Lou Art.

These peacock feathers were custom photographed for this project. The (4) pieces are installed as a quadtych each measuring 36" X 72" printed with UV cured inks onto our brushed aluminum.

What was your inspiration for using the Peacock Feathers in the Residential Lobby / Library area?

Peacocks actually once roamed the grounds of Still Hopes. It’s nice to tie in the history of the community into the design. It’s something that the residents can connect with and makes the community unique. As you walk through, you may notice subtle nods to peacocks in other artwork, accessories and finishes.

What is the easiest part of selecting art for senior living projects? Hardest part?

Although there may be hundreds of art pieces in a single community, the easiest part for me is placing the artwork and pairing with other pieces. It’s almost like a puzzle – making sure the style and colors of one piece pairs well with several other pieces that are nearby – and I love puzzles. The hardest part is being conscientious about the type of art being selected and not choosing one that could evoke negative connotations. Being a 26 year old, I have to be mindful about what type of art a person in their 80s or 90s would want. You have to set your personal feelings aside.

What was your favorite part of working with Penny & Lucy Lou Art?

Penny worked with me to accomplish my vision! Although she had the peacock feather images already in file, I know from other experience with her that she will go out and photograph whatever you may need. And because she is the artist, she has the ability to edit the photographs to your liking, making it “not your average artwork.” Uniqueness is the goal!

Interior Designer: Marta Lockwood, GMK Associates, Columbia, SC

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