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A Piece to the Puzzle | Framed Poly-Vinyl Art | Our Designers Make Us Look Good

This is the Penny & Lucy Lou Art eBlast series that showcases our clients (the Interior Designers) that are hard at work making sure our art fits in the space and is appealing to their client(s). Enjoy and share in our excitement by walking in our shoes viewing the newest installation of Penny & Lucy Lou Art.

The Advanced Ceramic Coating Coatings, LLC creates thermal spray coatings for aviation components.

Penny created the custom art by photographing the rather small manufactured part with a macro lens. The macro photographs allow the part to be seen in closer detail.

What do you like most about the art for ACC?

The fact that you took a simple component and made it look artsy.

What does your client think about it after it has now been installed?

They love it! The printed images complete the look of the lobby while displaying the client’s material as art.

Interior Designer: April Selkinghaus, F3 Concepts

Project: ACC Headquarters Lobby, Duncan, SC

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