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A Walk Through Raleigh | Brushed Aluminum Art | Our Designer's Make Us Look Good Series

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

This is the Penny & Lucy Lou Art eBlast series that showcases our clients (the Interior Designers) that are hard at work making sure our art fits in the space and is appealing to their client(s). Enjoy and share in our excitement by walking in our shoes viewing the newest installation of Penny & Lucy Lou Art.

Contemporary Art Raleigh Photography Architecture of Raleigh
(4) of the (6) pieces of art are printed with UV cured inks on brushed aluminum.

What was your inspiration for the space? What is the space used for?

This is the fitness room for a large community here in Raleigh (they have 900+ units!). We were looking for a variety of art that would appeal to a diverse crowd. Other art in the vicinity include a brick wall with a large graffiti piece of the downtown skyline, a fun transportation sign collage that reads “be the good,” and we thought local photography would be the glue that ties all the parts together. The traditional elements captured in the photos, but printed on dibond aluminum and mounted with standoffs helps to tie our various art themes together.

Were we able to fulfill your vision for this space?

Oh yes, it looks great. My client is happy as well, which is the most important part.

What keeps bringing you back to Penny & Lucy Lou Art?

Because it’s easy to work with them, and they make me look good!

Raleigh North Carolina Photography Art Aluminum Contemporary Art
(6) pieces of art that tell the story through the architecture and historic grounds of Raleigh, North Carolina.

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