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Bringing Nature In | Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Framed Art | Our Designers Make Us Look Good Series

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

This is the Penny & Lucy Lou Art eBlast series that showcases our clients (the Interior Designers) that are hard at work making sure our art fits in the space and is appealing to their client(s). Enjoy and share in our excitement by walking in our shoes viewing the newest installation of Penny & Lucy Lou Art.

Granite Marble Photography Framed Elevator Lobby
"The natural feel of the [Bedrock Collection] matched our tile."
Susan Boswell, IIDA
Kara Grossman

What was your inspiration for the space? What is the space used for?

While we were designing the first floor elevator lobby, we noticed that we had a massive wall that we wanted something special to fill. We recognized that we didn’t just want a regular piece of art put something special and something large. This space is the first thing a resident will see going and leaving their apartment.

Were we able to fulfill your vision for this space? We loved the Bedrock Collection that Penny sent. It had all the colors that we needed to bring in pops of blue and neutrals but still keeping the natural feel of stone to match our tile. It was a perfect fit for the space! Penny and Lucy Lou Art fulfilled our vision for this space entirely!

How was your experience in working with us? 

They were very accommodating, helpful, and didn’t make this process stressful at all.

Granite Marble Photography Framed Elevator Lobby

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